Polybush Suspension Bushes

Polybush Suspension Bushes

After 18 Years of successfully manufacturing high quality bushes for the Classic Car and Land Rover markets, Polybush have more recently moved into the Performance Car market with excellent results.

Polybush offer cast polyurethane bushes with a range of different hardnesses and properties, providing excellent benefits over rubber bushes, and giving superior mechanical characteristics over cold-cured and injection-moulded urethanes. Numerous tests have shown Polybush polyurethane bushes to last up to ten times as long as rubber bushes, while giving the same ride quality

All Polybush products are designed for durability and refinement. They are specially constructed to be easy to fit and do not require any special tools.

Polybush are the world leader in Polyurethane Suspension Bushes and Components.

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